Addfield Incinerate

For the last 25 years the Addfield range of incinerators have been successfully supplied into the UK’s many varied farming communities.

Renowned for their strength and reliability they quickly became known as a good investment giving a long term life.
Originally designed and manufactured by Mr Richard Sherratt of RES Agriparts in Shropshire, early in 2007 the Company was acquired by Steve Lloyd of Addfield Environmental Systems Limited. Over the last few years the Company has gone from strength to strength with an increase in sales of 300%.

Since acquiring the Addfield incinerators business, Addfield Environmental have re-designed the incinerators lining configuration using state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics then incorporating the most thermally efficient refractory insulation materials. We have also designed and installed our very own PLC computer system into each one of our machines. Our ``’Vortex`` control system consists of bespoke software which is the most versatile software available offering very simple and user friendly functions.

The Addfield concept has remained unchanged for over 25 years, simply build them better, keep it simple and offer a great service. We make quality products that give excellent payback on investment, our incinerators are the most robust and thermally efficient in the industry.

The Company continues to grow year on year, we now have over 10,000sqft of manufacturing space ensuring that we can cope with whatever the order large or small.

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