Comecer Partners


Comecer SpA, an Italian company from Castel Bolognese (Province of Ravenna) founded in the mid 1970s by Carlo Zanelli, is a world leader in the field of nuclear medicine and it specialises in management, processing and dispensing systems for radiopharmaceuticals.

Our mission is to design and manufacture high-technology systems in the field of nuclear medicine, isolation technology and nuclear power plant equipment, with the aim to continuously increase the accuracy and the safety of technicians, researchers, and patients. In fact, “Safety First” is the philosophy which distinguishes and identifies all Comecer policies and actions. Our vision is to contribute to progress and preserve life through the development of highly innovative technologies and sustainable solutions, according to the latest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations.

Comecer operates in the field of nuclear medicine through the production of shielding systems and equipment for special applications, both for large industrial groups and for research organisations. We also operate in the isolation technology sector, developing tailored projects for the production of isolators for the treatment of toxic substances to be used in hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies. Finally, we are active in the nuclear power plant equipment sector through the production of equipment for the processing, the deactivation and the disposal of radioactive substances deriving from nuclear plants.

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